Somewhere in Amsterdam


A sunny day in Amsterdam


Japan through an iPhone pt. 2

McD apple pie!

Japanese products

Japanese Procucts

The one thing I like to do the most on holiday is to try local products. Especially in Asia!  The picture shows just a fraction …

Japanese food OD

Din Tai Fung

Three weeks of Japanese food. Some might dream of this, but I’ve had enough and I’m sick of it! So what do you eat then? …

Megumi Mori

Megumi Mori in Shinjuku

There are a lot of artists preforming around the Shinjuku station. I took time to listen to this artist and took some pictures too (a …

Lost in Shinjuku


Okay, I was just briefly lost and hungry at the same time. But the combination of feeling lost and hungry made it felt like I …



Akihabara aka electric town is a shopping area for electronics, computers and anime. Well, this being stated you could understand that the nerd in me was …


Stuff on the O-torii Gate at Miya Jima

Hiroshima (no pics)

No Attachment

All nukes should be banned. How I feel about this I cannot express in words. I almost feel inappropriate to a tourist at a place where …

Okonomiyaki: Osaka-style>Hiroshima-style

Hiro style okonomiyaki

Now I’ve tried both styles of okonomiyaki’s I can say: Osaka-style is better! What’s the difference? Hiroshima-style is layered, while Osaka-style is more of a …

Japan through an iPhone pt. 1

Cool Evengelion Drawing

Okonomiyaki + noodles = Modanyaki


So you go to Osaka, what do you eat? Osaka-style Okonomiyaki!! We went twice to a place called Fugetsu (風月), it was so nice! I …

Osaka: Shinsaibashi


23 August 2010 Shinsaibashi is a big shopping area in Osaka. You can compare this with Shibuya in Tokyo I think. Watching people is what …

Osaka Hanshin Tigers vs. Hiroshima Carps: 4-5

Go Tigers

24 August 2010 This was my first baseball game ever. Too bad ‘we’ lost. Look at all the balloons!



21 August 2010 The picture is out of focus and instable, but I like it. This little girl was so scared of the wild deers …

Kyoto: Ponto-cho


20 August 2010 Ponto-Cho is the Geisha district of Kyoto… supposably. I didn’t see any while being on the streets for 3 hours and shooting …

Inari Shrine (near Kyoto)


Tokyo: Tsujiji fishmarket and Sushi-Dai

Inside Tsujiji

19 August 2010 A second attempt to visit the Tsujiji fishmarket. I saw a lot of dead fishies! And ate some of those dead fishies …

Third and forth day

Fuji Summit

The Shinkansen bullet train is racing to Kyoto with me in it. Despite the high speed of this train, it still takes 2,5 hour to …

Starry Heaven

Morning Twilight

Here I am at the 3200 meter line of Mount Fuji. I lean on the mountainside to rest my eyes for a little while to …

Day two

Fish Market

So we took the first possible train to the fish market. When arrived we noticed that it was suspiciously quiet and all the restaurants were …

First night in Tokyo

Ramen on first night

Here I am at 3:35 am in my tiny room making my first blog entry from Japan. There is really nothing exciting to blog about. …

Japan, here I come (again)!

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I’m going to Japan for a 3 week holiday. I’ll leave this Saturday, but I have not done much planning yet. All I know is …

First post!


Welcome to the first blog entry of my new website! will be a photography blog which hopefully will force me to take my photography …